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Retractable Awning
Retractable Awning
  Why should I buy a retractable awning?   Top
A lateral arm or retractable awning uses spring-loaded arms to provide tension to the fabric as it rolls from the roll tube. The retractable awning provides versatility in that it can be extended all the way, or only as far as needed. When it's not needed it just rolls up, out of the way and stores itself. This adds years of service by protecting the fabric from the harmful effects of weather and the sun.
  How will it be attached to my house?   Top
There are several ways for an awning to be attached to a structure, but all are dependent upon the location of the proposed installation site and its corresponding construction. Each unit is custom built as is the installation. Professional installers will determine the correct installation for your particular needs. Wall mounts, soffit mounts, and roof mounts are examples of the different mounting brackets used, and location determines which mount is best suited for your individual needs.
  What materials make up a retractable awning?   Top
All of our retractable awnings are built with the finest materials. The units are primarily made of aluminum with a baked-on, powder coated finish. The roll tube and mounting bar are made of steel for added strength. The mounting bar is also powder-coated. Each awning is custom ordered and manufactured to exact factory standards. Our highly-skilled workers will ensure that every unit that leaves our factory performs to our demanding specifications, arriving at the job site assembled, tested, and ready for a flawless installation. We are the factory, and problems that may arise can be handled through your local dealer and then us. We manufacture high-quality awnings and we stand behind every unit that leaves our factory.
  How long will my retractable awning last?   Top
With proper maintenance and care, and some basic common sense, the awning should provide you with years and years of trouble-free, dependable service. Each unit comes from the factory with a 10-year common sense warranty. We take great pride in our product and our workmanship.
  How is the awning supported since there are no poles?   Top
Perfecta retractable awnings are designed to be self-supporting. The steel mounting bar and steel roller tube provide horizontal strength to the awning. The double cables on the smaller units and the triple cables on the larger units apply an outward force that keeps the fabric tight.
  How long will the fabric last?   Top
Acrylic fabric provides the homeowner with years of protection against excessive fading, mildew, and rot. The fabric company warrantees its product for a period of ten years against manufacturer's defect. Life expectancy should be eight to twelve years on a retractable cover when cleaning and care instructions are followed. Awnings can be recovered for approximately one-third the cost of the awning.
  What is the minimum height to install an awning?   Top
Perfecta suggests a roof-mount system when a height limitation occurs. This is very common on a ranch style home. If the height is less than 8’ from the deck surface to the mounting location, we would use a roof-mounted system. The system still allows for water and snow to pass under the unit safely. The brackets are anchored into the rafters of the roof and properly caulked to prevent leakage.
  How should the awning be used in different weather conditions?   Top
Perfecta retractable awnings are designed to be sunshades which provide UV protection. This product is not designed for rain protection; however, it can be used in drizzle or misting rains when strong winds are not present. In heavy rains, the awning should be retracted to avoid the “pooling” of water on the fabric which will cause irreversible stretching. The general rule of thumb in real life applications is if you are comfortable sitting outdoors reading the paper or dining, then it probably is safe to operate your awning.
  Do I need to do anything special for winter storage?   Top
Yes. Retract the awning for the winter. Remove your hanging valance by simply loosening the two small screws from the end cap on one side of the front bar. Next, slide the valance out of the front bar removing both the valance and the black PVC tubing. Pull the PVC tubing out of the valance hem, fold up the valance, and replace the PVC tubing back in the front bar. Re-attach the end cap and tighten the screws.
  Can I order matching awnings?   Top
Yes, just contact your local Perfecta dealer.
  Can I add a drop front to my awning?   Top
Yes, Perfecta offers three different kinds of drop awnings, which are velcro fabric extensions, mesh extensions, and vario-volants which are operated with a gear. Call your local Perfecta dealer for more information.
  I have purchased a hand crank awning. Can I convert it to a motorized unit? Top
Yes, you can! Most of our Perfecta awnings can be converted to a motorized unit. Just contact your local Perfecta dealer and they will arrange for this upgrade.
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