Perfecta Awnings History - photo of original building in Coopersburg, PA
Perfecta Awnings History
Perfecta Awnings History
In 1986, the awning company, under the name Extraordinary Enterprises, was established and housed in a 3 story 7,200 square foot building in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Two years later, the name was changed to Perfecta Awnings, Inc, to better identify the product and utilize a name to set our standards. As the business grew, it became more difficult to satisfy our needs due to the building configuration. During those first ten years, our business grew and production was increased.
In 1996, my daughter, Karen, joined the business and presently serves as the Senior General Manager. Also at that time, we secured a new location and building. This new building is on a 3 acre lot and the building contained 13,000 square feet of warehouse space and 3,000 feet for showroom and offices. Four years later, we added another 5,000 square feet of warehouse space plus 2,000 square feet of temporary storage. In 2006, we added an additional 4,000 square feet expandable to 8,000 square feet, to service our fabric distribution.
These accomplishments are the result of our continuously expanding wholesale dealer network. Come join our family as a dealer. Enjoy a “family” business relationship of honesty and top quality.
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